:T shut up Touya


[They ended up downloading Sherlock Holmes, because there were a lot of seeds, it had a high rating, and because Touya had commented on Holmes's problem-solving abilities.]

I don't see why we're watching some dumb movie about homes anyway.

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But if I get fries he'll know I'm Kira

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So I have been knocked over by the flu, which is why I haven't picked up the Hikaru-Touya post from the other day, but WHILE being knocked over by the flu, I went browsing for the new HnG manga covers. Because in 2009 the entire series was re-released as "Hikaru no Go Complete Edition", in 20 volumes, with new/updated Obata cover art so they are naturally gorgeous. But hard to track down!

They turned out to all be on the website for the complete edition by means of refreshing random banner ads, which not only did lucathia_rykatu inform me of, but she also uploaded them for me so I wouldn't have to go through the constant reloading process she did. ♥ Thank you again!

I've reuploaded them so they're in more than one spot, and they are behind this cut. /o/~

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LESTER?! That's a nerd name!

Stats & Permissions

Age: 15
Height: ? Maybe around 5'5"; he appears to be slightly shorter than Touya but fairly average.
Weight: ~135? Again kind of average, and he's got broad shoulders and is filled out if not built.
Medical Info: Totally normal. I guess his nutrition's poor as he eats instant meals a lot, especially ramen.
Eyes: ...brownish-green in the anime, brown in the manga, and occasionally blue in colour pics. I WILL SAY HAZEL.
Hair: Blond bangs, brown everything else. PRESUMABLy DYED.
Physical traits: Nothing too distinguishable other than his hair. Favors black and yellow clothing, with occasional forays into green or orange. Average height, average weight.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything! If you bring up Sai he might freak (but also be kind of pleased idk), but other canon stuff he will just be like WHATEV. YOU STALKER.
Abilities: ...He's really good at Go? Eidetic memory technically, but he pays attention to almost nothing so he doesn't tend to remember it. He is also spiritually sensitive -- he has no spiritual skills himself, but he can see ghosts and be a medium for them. (I could go more into detail, but basically we know a lot of people handled Sai's board who couldn't see or be possessed by Sai and finally Hikaru appeared to him; so the trait's somehow inherent in Hikaru therefore spiritual sensitivity hurr.)
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: None right now! ...Ghosts are welcome to come hang out with him.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure, just ask first.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Sure, don't even bother asking first.
Maim/Murder/Death: Just ask first, we can work it out.
Cooking: He can probably boil water and pour it in cup ramen.